Our Approach To Maximizing Value

At Acclaim Strategies, our approach to consulting is specifically designed to provide higher value. We achieve this through strong execution of the following principles so that you receive the right project at the right cost, the first time.

  • Taking the time to ask the right questions to make sure we understand what you really want to accomplish, and then helping you focus on those issues that generate the most incremental progress.
  • Carefully designing the project approach to address your specific needs. For some projects, a high degree of interaction and collaboration is needed. In others, an independent, arms-length process is most appropriate. Sometimes you may need high-end knowledge, while at other times it’s about additional manpower to get the job done. In all cases, strong communications, respect, and trust is paramount.
  • Meticulous project planning, scheduling, and division of work allow both parties to achieve the most productivity out of each hour.
  • Minimizing engagement costs and only incurring expenses that are of discernible value. As all professionals know, the cost of travel and related activities is very high today. While, at times, there is no substitute for in-person communication, we make the most of technology to facilitate responsive, efficient work.
  • Striking the optimal balance between speed and rigor. Some projects create more value through prompt delivery, cost sensitivity, and medium rigor, while others demand utmost rigor and can afford the time and investment. In many cases, we will recommend a series of smaller, targeted projects that are executed over time rather than a large single project that could be difficult to absorb organizationally.

In short, if you want a highly experienced consultant that will get in, work efficiently, and help you move forward with confidence, then Acclaim Strategies might be a great choice.

We would be honored to have the opportunity to serve you.