Glen Justis

Glen Justis founded Acclaim Strategies in 2011. He serves as Chief Executive Officer of the firm and is personally involved in the design, quality assurance, and completion of client projects. Mr. Justis has twenty-seven years of combined consulting and industry experience.

Prior to founding Acclaim Strategies, Mr. Justis served as a Director in the Governance, Risk, and Regulatory Strategies practice of Deloitte & Touche LLP. His work at Deloitte focused on capital investment decisions, business intelligence, risk management strategy and analytics, and corporate development. Prior to Deloitte, Mr. Justis was a partner at R. W. Beck, Inc. and led multiple practice areas connected with capital investment analysis, commodity markets, and risk management.

Mr. Justis has conducted and overseen projects for over one hundred individual client organizations, encompassing private, publicly-traded, governmental, not-for-profit, and cooperative entities.

Mr. Justis holds an MBA with honors and a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering. He regularly invests in his capabilities by conducting independent research and participating in leading continuing education programs, the most recent of which was through The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business Bridge Program.