Services delivered by Acclaim Strategies typically involve a combination of the following focus areas:

Strategic and business planning Clarifying organizational objectives and performance metrics; identifying the overarching
approach for achieving success; defining corresponding initiatives, resource requirements,
and execution plans to implement the strategy; and establishing a performance management
process to promote progress
Economic Analysis Analyzing the value and risk characteristics of potential investments and transactions; quantitative model assessments; defining capital-at-risk methods;  identifying, valuing, and implementing real options (strategic flexibility); defining capital allocation, budgeting, and project control processes
Independent risk assessment Assessing the risk of business initiatives and/or specific transaction opportunities; numerically estimating risk exposure; identifying risk mitigation strategies
Risk management program development Clarifying and documenting risk tolerance; describing the nature of the risks to which the
business is exposed and how the risks will be managed; specifying the risk management
processes and systems that will be applied; defining how segregation-of-duties will be
maintained; defining risk metrics and management reporting; policy and procedure development support
Governance Defining and documenting how corporate decisions will be made; how performance will be monitored; how corrective actions will be taken; and who will be involved
Analytic capabilities development Defining the role of the analytics group and where additional value can be created; selecting analytic approaches to support preferred metrics; identifying data sources; reviewing and
assessing the quality of analytic outputs and associated management information; system
selection and implementation guidance
Organizational development and change management Assessing organizational alignment and staffing options; defining processes to enable the
understanding, acceptance, and adoption of new policies and processes by staff; establishing work environments and team-based incentives to increase performance